Robionica is a young company that can count on a background of experience and patents both in the field of software and in other sectors. For eight years we have been dealing with computer security and we can present products of absolute novelty

such as the VULNER product that concentrates in a software the know-how of Ethical Hackers, and other products that you can download from our websites e

We are experiencing an important moment of transformation of the Italian productive world, factory 4.0, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Electronic bill and many other initiatives of which you are certainly at least partially Protagonists.

The just hired young developer will have to take care of the maintenance of IT procedures and software applications of which he knows nothing, and therefore there is an extreme need of automatic or semi-automatic systems that will streamline the work.

We have been able to automate the software development and maintenance process by putting ourselves in the computer programmer's point of view. We therefore have THREE products that optimize the work from THREE different points of view, all operating with a transformation of the source code that retains its original functionality. The goal is the elimination of the error, the bug that forces to be available on holidays and more.

- A first product is RIAN, which identifies the untested lines of code with a few simple steps.

- Another product is GO-DRY, which allows you to debug in real time, reiterating on the source code without having to manually reset all the parameters to perform the test.

- The third product is TESTATOR, which allows you with a simple artifice to test the instructions contained in the error traps, which are never properly tested.

Many products are already covered by a patent, while for the most recent we are waiting for the regular process of the MISE, although they are already all available and tested, and you can also download the software from the site

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