Test secrets of effective Test Management (with or without Test Managers)Lunedì 5 Luglio

It is helpful to think of testing as less of a role and more of an activity that people undertake in their projects or organisations...

Everyone tests, but some people specialise and make a career of it. In the same way, test management is an activity associated with testing. Whether you are the tester in a team or running all the testing in a 10,000 man-year programme, you have test management activities.
Many companies have decided that the role of test managers is no longer required. You might not have a dedicated test manager, but some critical test management activities need to be performed. Perhaps the team jointly fulfil the role of a virtual test manager?
This tutorial sets out the key principles of these test management activities and provide insights into how you can apply them in your own situation. Paul will share stories from his (and others’) experience and identify the thinking processes you need to work through.

Audience: Testers and Teams (with or without test managers), test leads, test managers

Key points: 

• Test management activities are required, whether you have a test manager or not
• Strategy isn’t a document – it’s a collaborative thought process with consensus
• Executing your testing in the small or the large requires planning as a team and working as a team


9:00 - 17:30
Paul Gerrard
Remote virtual classroom