Maveryx® is an Italian testing company that delivers the most advanced test automation solution available nowadays.

The Maveryx Test Automation Framework is an automated functional UI, regression, data-driven and keyword-driven testing tool enabling novice and expert testers to build reliable, maintainable automated tests for a wide range of Desktop (Java, .NET, MFC, WPF, …) and Web (HTML/HTML5, JS, Ajax, GWT, …) applications, with or without coding, whether a traditional or agile testing approach is used.

The great innovation of Maveryx is its Intelligent Object Recognition engine that inspects the application’s UI at runtime as a senior tester does. No code instrumentation, GUI capture, maps and object repositories are required. By Maveryx, you can start automation early and speed up your time-to-market without compromising on quality.

Maveryx Test Automation Framework Features includes:

  • Desktop Testing - Automate UI testing for the most popular desktop technologies.
  • Web Testing - Design robust cross-browser tests for a broad range of web technologies and frameworks.
  • Keyword-driven Testing - Create code-free tests in an intuitive Excel tabular format, without writing a single line of code.
  • Data-driven Testing - Retrieve test data from external sources including Excel, CSV, XML files, and database tables.
  • Continuous Integration - Integrate your tests within almost any Continuous Integration system including Jenkins.
  • Custom Extensions - Expand Maveryx with new APIs and keywords to provide new functions for more sophisticated tests.
  • Image Recognition - Automate anything you see on the screen using the Maveryx Image Matching recognition technology.

Maveryx® participates in the ISTF2019 to share with the Italian testers community its product, innovation, and experience on testing automation. 

Maveryx® strongly believes that improving testing automation means making it easier, accessible to everyone and more manageable: test it simple!

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